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We at Hipbirth care passionately about maternal issues and those who are less fortunate due to lack of resources that we take for granted.

A percentage of the proceeds of each hipbirth method sold will be donated to help supply each and every woman leaving the Hamlin Center with a water filter that can provide up to 1 million gallons of clean drinkable water for her village.

We firmly believe we must be an active part of transforming this world for the better. The purchase of The Hipbirth Childbirth Method, allows you to join us in giving back. With every program sold, Hipbirth will donate a portion of the proceeds to a noteworthy cause that we greatly support. From one mother to another, we are all in this together.

 These wonderful women deserve our support. Photos courtesy of Lori Dorman

In Africa, every year thousands of women and children are oppressed. They are forced to trek across miles of land in order to collect basic resources and gallons of drinkable water for the survival of their village.

The sheer weight of carrying the water on these long journeys, coupled with mal-nutrition, stunt their growth preventing their bodies from fully developing.

Because these women have not had the opportunity to be educated, and therefore are not productive to the village’s means, they are seen as liability to their families.

Between the ages of 9 and 13, many girls are forced into marriage. Sexual intercourse is expected of them. It’s commonplace for these girls to become impregnated.

Because their bodies are so underdeveloped, they are unable to properly labor and give birth to their babies.

Often, labor may go on for days and tragically sometimes their babies die.

With the lifeless baby still in her womb, the head of the fetus rubs through internal tissue, causing abrasions and tears in the womb, bladder, and rectum. As a result, urine and fecal matter leak into the uterus, creating an unstoppable flow of excrement down her legs. This condition is known as obstetric fistula.

Because of this condition, she is shunned and becomes an outsider to her people. She and her children are banished in shame, forced to live in a makeshift hut for the rest of their days. Her only salvation is an operation at the Hamlin Center by volunteer doctors

In hopes of redemption, many courageous women set out on their own with only the clothes on their back and walk up to 100 miles to the city in hopes of being treated at the Hamlin Center, where volunteer doctors surgically repair the fistulas.

This is the first step needed to restore her dignity and place in her community.

The second step, one of a much larger scope, is correcting the condition of the drinking water in their remote villages. If successful, women will no longer be responsible for obtaining the water from far off sources and will be free to participate in the educational opportunities that are there for them. 

Waves To Water, coupled with the Hamlin Center, have the power to restore and make heroes of these girls.

The sheer power and ripple effect that these actions create is exponential. It not only changes the course of the life of the Ethiopian girl, it also transforms the lives of the Ethiopian people as a whole.

Education and freedom can now become a reality for all women, creating and empowering a lasting change.  We invite you to join hipbirth in supporting this noteworthy, two-fold cause.

Write an inspiring love note and we will attach it to an individual water filter from one mother to another. You alone can inspire one woman to take a stand for herself and bring her back to her community and family as a hero.

All Photos courtesy of Lori Dorman
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