free birth plan: what to expect on your big day

This enlightening birth plan was created to educate you from A to Z on every birthing choice you could possibly encounter throughout your entire pregnancy until the birth of your baby.

Truly each birth is like a fingerprint; no two births are the same. There are so many ways to approach birth. What matters most, are the choices that are right for you, and that you gain the proper support for those choices, which you so well deserve.

You may find while exploring the birth plan, there are choices that are unfamiliar to you. We invite you to take this time to dig a little deeper by clicking on the resource links provided.

Our intention is to elevate your knowledge so that you can fully participate in the process of preparing to have your baby.

Approach your first pass like a test and see what you know. Then allow our extensive birth plan to become your guide and teacher by customizing and honoring the choices that are most important to you. Use as little or as much of the information provided, it’s all here for your support.

hypbirth birth plan

Step One…Scrimmage

Take the test see what you know. Your first birth plan print out is just for you. Then you can decide what you need to brush up on and what you are already comfortable with. Don’t forget to utilize the hipbirth method resources to fill in the blanks.

hypbirth birth plan

Step Two…Huddle

We suggest that early on in your pregnancy you bring a copy to your doctor, together you can work on compromises and solutions. You do not want to be surprised on the day you give birth that you and your doctor do not agree. This creates conflict and good old-fashioned negativity, which on the happiest day of your life, is completely unnecessary and avoidable. This can happen weather you are planning a natural or medicated birth.

hypbirth birth plan

Step Three…Kick off

Make several copies for your blessed event that are specific and appropriate for your medical team to hand out on the big day. We are cheering for you from the sidelines! Have an amazing birth experience!

hipbirth free birth plan. be prepared for labor

Free Resources

Stages of Labor

Labor Beginning
Vaginal Exams During Labor

Hospital Admittance

Water Breaking






Fetal Monitoring


Pain Relief






Third Stage Labour

Cord Banking

After Baby is Born

Newborn Procedures

Hospital Stay





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