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The hipbirth method is a timeless, trusted, and a praised method of childbirth that has a proven track record for over 20 years. The same principles are applied today as they were over two decades ago and continue to produce promised results. The hipbirth method is an internationally accepted program that has been used and validated not only by Mama’s around the globe, but has also received accolades from nurse practitioners, midwives, doctors, medical staff, and hospitals. We would love to hear about your experience and how the hipbirth method made a difference through the birth of your precious baby.

Natural, peaceful, and empowering childbirth experience.

Tracy Lough, Licensed Midwife

As a mother of three, former doula, and Licensed Midwife, I have attended over 200 births and learned that woman have within them the ability to have natural, peaceful, and empowering childbirth experiences. Lori Dorman’s hipbirth method is the tool to access this innate ability. I have seen it work in my own practice and used it with the birth of my own children. My first memory of using the hipbirth method as a doula was in the hospital where we arrived in the later stages of labor and were told by the nurses that the mom looked like she was in early labor and would likely be going home. After checking dilation, the nurses immediately realized the mom was ready to push! hipbirth method allows a woman to surrender into the experience in a prepared and conscious manner, reducing fear and allowing for a more gentile birth. The CD’s are relaxing and provide a regular opportunity to connect with your growing baby alone or with your partner. hipbirth method is not just for pregnant women. I highly recommend the hipbirth method to any doula, midwife, or childbirth educator!

You gave me the ability to experience with JOY the labor and birth of my daughter

By Dominique Lopez

I cannot thank you enough for giving me the ability to experience with JOY the labor and birth of my daughter. It is the highlight of all the experiences of my life. The hipbirth method that you developed enabled me to experience the birth of my baby without fear, negative preconceptions, or doubt. You taught me to trust my body, not fear it. From the very first contraction to the moment that she was placed in my arms I felt nothing but peace and strength. I could actually feel myself become more and more confident as my labor progressed. I was able to be in the moment of my labor, and consciously decide to acknowledge the beauty of what was happening to me – right as it was happening. When my baby was born, the doctor and nurses commented on how alert she was, and I was so proud to know that I was able to give her the gift of coming into the world without any medications – she was able to experience her own birth the way it was meant to be. I think back to my labor and smile because I was not robbed of the experience of giving birth by drugs and apprehension. I hope to have a second child someday, and can’t imagine giving birth any other way. I actually look forward to my next labor and delivery!

You have a gift for helping women realize that they have the power within themselves to have he kind of birth experience that they want. The time I spent learning from you was in and of itself a truly wonderful process, and I know that I will carry the lessons I learned throughout my life. I had never done anything like hypnosis or deep relaxation before, and you made it so easy and unintimidating to learn. You are a remarkable person, and I feel blessed and thankful to have found the hipbirth method.

For the rest of my life, I can look back on my entire experience with joy, and I have hipbirth method to thank for it.

First time mom-3hr 45min labor

By Jnewren (Valparaiso, IN)

I began using the hipbirth method at 33 weeks. For about six weeks I committed myself to listening to the audio downloads and practicing what I came to realize were powerfully effective exercises. My husband was minimally involved with the effort. He watched the DVD once and participated with the exercises only a handful of times. On the morning of my delivery I woke up at 2:30 AM … went to the hospital at 4:30 AM with completely manageable contractions having been 5 minutes apart for two hours. When we arrived the receiving nurse didn’t believe I was in labor. We walked the length of hospital to the delivery, checked in and couldn’t wait for the nurses to get out of the room so I could put on the audio files. We ran out of time. My wide-eyed son was delivered at 6:17 AM – no pain meds, no drugs. Too bad they don’t make a “Hip-Motherhood” program for the first 6 weeks back at home!

Nurse and Midwife

Childbirth hypnosis is not just a passing trend. From the beginning of time women have taken themselves deep into trance naturally, whether they knew it or not, when in labor and while giving birth. today, Hypnotherapist’s, such as Lori Dorman, have studied and refined these natural and essential techniques in order to provide women with calm, relaxed and spiritual births. Using hypnotherapy allows women to remain in control at all times. Her pain level never becomes too intense and in many cases does not exist. With the reduction of stress and anxiety, stress hormones are reduced and this allows the women’s natural analgesia to “kick” in as it were, “endorphins”, so the labor experience becomes one of pleasure, not pain. The women feels empowered and in control. Her birth experience is one of joy and fulfillment. All of these reasons are why I recommend the hipbirth method. As a nurse and midwife I have seen the hipbirth method first hand at work. As women, we have been fooled too long into thinking labor has to be painful, when thousands of women are discovering a different and kinder way to experience birth.

Better than Hypnobirthing

By Crimsoncascade (California) The hypnotist has a very relaxing, pleasant voice, much better than the Mongan Method HypnoBirthing’s low, masculine-sounding, female hypnotist. I would definitely purchase this program over HypnoBirthing (Mongan Method) because it is much more complex and provides great visualization practices that are much better thought-out and meaningful. The Mongan Method’s “Rainbow Relaxation” is just too elementary. The hipbirth method is simply much better designed and useful because it goes well beyond a silly relaxation using a rainbow image and does teach you how to deeply relax/hypnotize yourself. It is imperative for mothers to actively practice relaxing, and this program excels at teaching this. Deep relaxation helps with the last month of pregnancy when many mothers-to-be experience anxiety and other issues that interfere with sleep, and is a vital skill to use during labor. The program also teaches visualization, another wonderful skill to cultivate for a positive birth experience.

Dedicate 45 minutes a day for 6 weeks = Faster and easier labor!

D. E. Sheckler (Corning, NY United States) My results: 6 hour labor and no epidural. The self-induced relaxation technique made my labor speed by. I slept through the first stage of labor and listened to these CDs while at the hospital (total of 4 hours from entry at the hospital until delivery). There is not much training for the delivery period, just let your body do what it already knows how to do. 
A great side benefit was improved sleep quality during the weeks I listened to the CD sets. There are several suggestions in the CDs to help you quickly return to sleep after the frequent visits to the bathroom. They work perfectly! I feel this CD set earned its value in sleep quality alone. The relatively easy labor was a bonus. 2013 Update: I had baby #2 last year and had great results again. 5 hour labor with no epidural or any other meds. Things progressed too quickly for any drugs to be considered. Note: Dedicate 45 minutes a day for 6 weeks for improved quality of sleep and the best labor any gal could ask for.

Throughout my entire labor, I was relaxed and did not feel any fear.

By EHH “EHH” (Wisconsin) I started using the hipbirth method at 33 weeks pregnant and diligently used the program everyday (it’s not asking a lot of a 8-month pregnant woman to lay on the couch for 45 minutes everyday). I was so relaxed throughout my last weeks of pregnancy, I actually was 4 cm dilated before I even got to the doctor’s office for my last checkup. The day we arrived at my last midwife appointment, we actually decided to go to the hospital and break my water. I was already 4 cm dilated (and 39 weeks) and due to some health concerns it was best to get labor moving. When I arrived at the hospital, my midwife broke my water at 8:35 AM. At 6 cm the nurse asked if I wanted an epidural and I was still walking around, laughing and joking with my husband. Throughout my entire labor, I was relaxed and did not feel any fear. I pushed for 28 minutes and my baby was born. I was able to have a drug-free, amazing birth and I attribute it to the hipbirth method. It helped me to understand that birth doesn’t have to be scary. I was relaxed and happy throughout the entire process. I would recommend this program to anyone and plan to use it in the future if I have more children.

The hipbirth method is The BEST Hypnosis Program I have ever used.

By Andrea
 In as little as four weeks with the hipbirth method, you can gain confidence, and comfort, that your labor will be in control and generally much faster. Practicing daily with the hipbirth method creates a level of relaxation needed to stop the flow of catecholamines the stress hormones that are released during labor. Without the presence of catecholamines your body is naturally filled with endorphins, nature’s “love drug” and a natural pain reliever. When endorphins are released, your muscles are relaxed and there is a feeling of wellbeing and safety. I am 3 weeks away from my due date. I have been practicing my hipbirth method regularly every day. At the beginning of the program I was almost terrified of giving birth. Now I am so relaxed and excited and can’t wait to go into labor! I started this tribe to spread the word about Hypnosis for Labor and in particular, the hipbirth method by Lori Dorman, also of Earth Mamma Angel Baby. I have no affiliation with her or her companies, just a happy customer that uses her products. Have a blessed Birth experience!

4 Hour Labor!!!

By Angel I started the hipbirth method when I was 34 weeks. It felt a little awkward at first doing the relaxation techniques but I enjoyed it because it really helped me get rest. The practices were great, at the end of each practice the narrator ended with positive birth words. The positive words really helped me let go of any fear or anxiety that I had about my upcoming birth. From starting the hipbirth method, I never had anymore fear and was not nervous about giving birth- I trusted that my body knew what it was supposed to do and that all I had to do was relax. I fell asleep quite frequently while listening to the practice tracks but during my labor it did not seem like a problem. I was also not very consistent with practicing the finger drop technique. Again, I did not find this a problem during labor. I imagined myself actively laboring around my hospital room- using a birth ball, yoga mat, tub, etc. However, at 41 weeks I developed pre-eclampsia so I had to be induced. When I arrived at the hospital I used the practice deepening tracks to calm myself (I was very upset about having to be induced!) I thought labor would be slow to start since I was going to start on Pitocin so I labored in bed to give myself rest while listening to the hipbirth method. The combo of laboring in bed with the hipbirth method was working so well I ended up staying in bed the whole time. I listened to it until I was dilated to a 7. Over all I would definitely describe my birth as pain-free but not intensity free. The feeling I got from labor was a surrendering feeling. I really had to focus on relaxing and just letting the contractions run their course instead of tensing and trying to fight them. My labor only ended up being 4 hour from the start of Pitocin to birth. I really feel that my mental preparation and visualizing my birth contributed to the speed of labor, which I was taught from the hipbirth method. I am very pleased with my birth and use of the Hhipbirth method. In the future I am planning to use it again. Good luck to anyone considering this program!

VBAC – It worked like a dream

By Lorraine (Kent, WA, United States)
 My baby is now three years old. I used the hipbirth method with her. I was intent on a natural birth and my first birth (a decade earlier) was a C-section. The labor nurse said that she had never seen anyone as relaxed as I was. I kept my fingers near my CD player to begin a cd with each contraction. I delivered in record time. They admitted me at 11:00 in the morning with the intention of inducing labor. I guess my body wasn’t interested in a round of induced labor drugs, so I went into natural labor by noon. Hubby arrived with birth bag (which had my CD). By 3:00 PM, my baby girl was here. The last time I did this it took 27 hours, so I will take less than 3 any day. I was very worried about this product not working. Many days, I would fall asleep on the CD. No fear, they worked like a dream. If I become pregnant again, I intend to purchase the hipbirth method again, as I loaned the old set to a co-worker and never got them back. Invest the time and money, you won’t be sorry.

hipbirth method and Hypnobirthing User

By Mrs. Hardesty
 I used Hypnobirthing with my first labor (8 hours) and the hipbirth method with 2 and 3 (3-1/2 hours and 4 hours once the herbal induction kicked in). I can’t recommend it highly enough. The Hypnobirthing worked fine, but I didn’t want to take classes again, since I didn’t have the time. The hipbirth method was a good alternative and, in the end, less expensive and more effective than Hypnobirthing. I am now expecting #4 and again starting the hipbirth method. As far as pushing goes, my first was born in the hospital, so they made me push. I pushed 3 times and tore before my son was out. The 2nd and 3rd times, I was in the birthing center and home, so I was not forced to push. Both babies came out quickly without tearing and without me having to push. I felt like I could go plow a field after those births, but my midwife made me promise to take it easy and act like I was recovering from a lot of labor. Both my births and recoveries were easy, uncomplicated, and quick. I am also comforted in knowing that should a complication or need for C-section arise I have the relaxation tools at my disposal. I have even used them in the dentist’s chair and been told I was a “wonderful patient”. If he’d known the trouble I had being a good dental patient before the hipbirth method, the dentist would have been amazed.

Love Practicing the hipbirth method!!!

By Ruby’s Mum “Tanya” I used this hipbirth method set just as the instructions suggested and it really worked! My labor was 4 hours from the first contraction until my daughter was born and I found it all very manageable by using these techniques. The Labor Companion CD was perfect. It kept me focused and it never even entered my mind to ask for pain medication. My labor was completely natural and drug-free, just as I wanted! I won’t say it was pain-free, but it was certainly manageable.

First time mom – 3hr 45min labor

By… It’s a teach-yourself-at-home program so there aren’t classes to attend or anything, which is nice. 🙂 The practicing itself is something I really enjoy and have found to be an essential part of getting ready for a new baby. I love having a time every day when I purposefully sit down and relax and just think about my new baby and me. Learning to relax yourself is a skill that can benefit every part of your life, not just labor. 🙂 My “goal” all along with hipbirth method was to have as calm of a birth experience as possible. I had HOPED to deliver my son without drugs, but I did end up requesting a narcotic and getting an epidural. I still feel like the hipbirth method was a success in that I stayed extremely calm throughout it all and had a very peaceful labor and delivery experience. With my second child’s birth I decided to use the hipbirth method again just because I had so enjoyed the practice of it with my first child. I also wanted to help calm myself down more for her birth as I was much more anxious the second time around. Again I really enjoyed practicing it. I also used it a lot more during labor that time. I had intended on getting an epidural, but I think the hipbirth method must have worked TOO WELL, because I wasn’t able to get the epidural in time. I was so calm and quiet that I don’t think they quite believed I was as far along as I was. Now I’m gearing up to deliver my third and once again I’m going back to the hipbirth method. This time I’m planning for a drug-free delivery and want the tools in place, BUT I will gladly welcome an epidural. 🙂 So happy to find other ladies on here using the hipbirth method too!!!!!!!!

Both my husband and I were freed up to be fully present in the experience

By Wendy Thanks to hipbirth method we were able to give our daughter a patient, peaceful birth. Both my husband and I were freed up to be fully present in the experience. The best part of preparing for our birth (utilizing hipbirth method) was being free from fear and anxiety. I learned how to visualize a comforting, natural process instead of something scary and unpredictable. I felt so good after the birth that I fully enjoyed my daughter, husband, and guests. I went home 24 hours after delivery and my recovery was remarkable. I will use this method for all of my babies.

Really powerful, especially with a trained dou

By Elizabeth A. Moore I so strongly recommend this, especially used in concert with a doula or other labor support person trained in facilitating these techniques. I used this CD series to learn triggered relaxation techniques. With these techniques, facilitated by my fabulous doula, I had a peaceful, powerful, wonderful birth experience during which I was focused and physically relaxed. We used the triggered relaxation technique and then my doula softly spoke to me using visualizations from the CDs as well as visualizations that I had written down based on concepts of stamina, trust, love, adventure, courage, and others suggested in the CDs–my own words and images coming back to me. It was such a powerful experience and I feel like I was able to experience it really fully because I was able to be mentally focused and physically relaxed. I was in serious labor from about 7 PM Monday to 1:30 AM that night, though I had lighter labor for since about midnight Sunday night, and I did it naturally, with no medication, and I must just say it was a really good experience, even in all its intensity. A really big plus is that I used these techniques before and after my baby was born to trigger my relaxation and be able to go to sleep really quickly, which is valuable to a tired pregnant woman and an exhausted new mother with only 2 hours to sleep before the next feeding. Here are the benefits of the hipbirth method, all of which were true for me: * Minimize pain dramatically during labor and birth. * Produce a faster and easier delivery. Reduce the need for an episiotomy. * Enhance comfort and sleep in your pregnancy. * 80% of all clients give birth in less than six hours, including first time moms.

Good Program

By Tica “yogini” (Boulder, CO) I loaded all the CDs onto my MP3 player and started listening to them about week 31 of pregnancy. The instructions state you should start on about week 33, when you should listen to the same CD about 7 days in a row before moving on to the next one. There are four main CDs and the other CD have extra material that you can practice with. Once you are done with the four main CDs you can pick what you want to listen to each day until you go into labor. I didn’t think I’d be able to listen every single day so I started early to make up for some lost days. I found the CDs to be great, the four main ones are divided in to three sections each, one that is to relax you, one to teach you tools to use during labor and one that had positive birth words or affirmations. When I used the CD in the evening, I fell asleep quite often, so during the weekend I would try to use them during the day and sometimes I’d double up so I could make up for days that I fell asleep or missed practicing altogether. I went into labor feeling like I had some tools to rely on. I did not have a fast labor; in fact, I had a very long labor, over 30 hours from the very first contraction. It was a great labor though, and I did it naturally without an epidural. I delivered at a hospital with midwives. There was a jetted tub in the room, which I used three different times. I was checked early on at 2 cm and then I was not checked again until much later. My contractions never got really strong or really close together. The time between contractions was varied the whole time, with 3 minutes in between, then 10, then 5 then back to 3 or back to 10. When I was checked the second time, I thought they were going to tell me I was at about 5 cm because of the erratic pattern, but I was already at 10 cm. I had already gone through transition and did not even know it because my contractions were never that painful. I truly think it was because of the hipbirth method tools that I used to relax and let my body do its work. My focus during the whole labor was to relax every single part of my body from head to toe. Once I found a position that I was comfortable pushing in, I only pushed for 30 minutes.

I got the birth I wanted!

By C. Eckhaus (Vermont)
 After my first birth being exactly what I didn’t want (lots of interventions), I was determined to have a natural birth the second time around. A friend recommended the hipbirth method and I immediately bought it and started using it, early in my pregnancy. What a difference!! I was calm right up to the end of my pregnancy, without any nervous jitters about a repeat performance. My labor was similar physically, but completely different mentally. At the hospital, just before transition, I heard a few different nurses say “I’ve never seen ANYONE so calm during labor”. I got what I wanted – a completely natural birth.  AND I felt great after the delivery! I highly recommend the hipbirth method!!

Worked wonderfully for me! Love it!!!

By Ruby’s Mum “Tanya” I used the hipbirth method just as the instructions suggested and it really worked! My labor was 4 hours from the first contraction until my daughter was born and I found it all very manageable by using these techniques. The Labor Companion CD was perfect. It kept me focused and it never even entered my mind to ask for pain medication. My labor was completely natural and drug-free, just as I wanted!

Great program for natural birth!

By Karen Sterioti
 I found these CD’s very relaxing and reassuring. I used this program along with Bradley birth classes. I thought it was a wonderful combination. I was able to have a natural birth with very little pain. The last hour during transition phase was tough, but labor up to that point was comfortable. I would highly recommend

Featured on episodes of “A Baby Story” on the E! Channel

By Chandra Self-hypnosis is an amazingly powerful and achievable tool. I used the hipbirth methodd for the pain free birth of both my babies. It was still a big workout and took effort (as passing a baby through your pelvis takes effort!) but it wasn’t painful. My second baby was 9 pounds 10 ounces, and I went home the same day.

Birthing Beautiful Ideas

Marta Castro (second baby, VBAC)
 My labor was amazing. It was better than I ever expected it to be. I was nervous because this baby was a VBAC so to me it was as though I was going to go through labor for the very first time. I was also diagnosed with P.I.H.- pregnancy induced hypertension and was put on bed rest. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to use my hipbirth method tools because they wanted to induce my labor. The way it turned out was that the hipbirth method is what really helped me through the P.I.H. Practicing my CDs is what allowed me to relax and helped keep my blood pressure down. Once they started the Pitocin, I could feel the contractions. It was amazing to me. I don’t know how to explain this but their was no pain, a least not for me. I didn’t feel any pain pushing either. Because of the P.I.H I was in the hospital several days before I was induced. I got to know a lot of the nurses and when I told them that I was planning a hypnosis birth with the hipbirth method, and they all just mocked and made fun of me. Well let me tell you, after this baby was born we were like celebrities, I had 4 of the nurses come visit me in postpartum and they were talking about how they couldn’t believe how relaxed I was. Even the charge nurse came and asked more questions about the hipbirth method, they were completely blown away by it. I felt my birth was a miracle. It was really a gift to have my daughter this way.

I began listening to my hipbirth method CDs yesterday

Dr.VanessaFewings-Midwife,RN Certified Hypnotherapist
 The hipbirth method is a hypnosis-for-childbirth program (if that wasn’t already obvious to you from the title) consisting of short DVD segments, a four-week CD series, and a set of labor companion CDs. The idea is that by using and practicing visualization and guided relaxation, women can lower their stress hormone levels and increase their endorphin levels during labor, thereby leading to a more comfortable (and perhaps even faster) birth. 
For someone like me, who is “all up in her head”–who has an active and vivid imagination, who turns completely, inward to what I call my “mind cave” whenever, I’m stressed or in pain–this is a perfect program. I have used the hipbirth method for my last two deliveries and really got a lot out of it.

I had the best birth experience that I could have hoped for

Carry Lennard – at home mother (second baby)
 I used the hipbirth method for the birth of my second son and it was great. I had the best birth experience that I could have hoped for. It was different from the first time. I’ve had 2 natural births but with my second baby I really was able to stay relaxed, especially during transition where as last time I couldn’t. Just for that it was worth it. I was really happy with my experience.

It really helped me control the pain I was experiencing

Grace Valenzuela – attorney (first baby)
 I used the program about a year and a half ago and I loved it. I felt very focused. It was such an invaluable tool and I was so impressed that I passed it along to my sister and 4 of my friends that all had successful natural births.

I found an inner strength and was in control as I felt the surges

Lea Mondrey – Labor and delivery nurse (third baby)
 We decided to use the hipbirth method for the uniqueness of it. I have had 2 other children both assisted with epidurals, which were great. However, this experience was beyond unique, I found an inner strength and was in control as I felt the surges. It was the most beautiful delivery I ever had and I am forever grateful for learning the tools.
Anyone who wants to touch their birth in a natural way should try this method.

The hipbirth method was an essential part of my profound and wonderful labor and delivery.

Mary Ann Gallo
 I labored all night at home with my husband’s help and the Labor Companion CD. My husband was even able to grab a nap while I used the CD by myself. I arrived at the hospital at 9 cm and never once did I feel that I couldn’t manage my labor. The hipbirth method helped me to get to that place and the labor companion CD was indispensable once I got there. I will definitely use this program with future pregnancies and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking the tools for a natural, empowering and relaxed labor and delivery experience.

Most incredible experience of my life

Lori Brockman Giving birth to Gabriel was the most incredible experience of my life. The hipbirth method enabled me to relax and actually enjoy my labor. I felt in control. My birth experience transformed me into a mother. I am so thankful that I found this program and was able to have the most incredible labor and delivery. I am looking forward to having lots of babies using the hipbirth method. Hopefully one baby at a time!

You have a gift for helping women realize that they have the power within themselves to have he kind of birth experience that they want. The time I spent learning from you was in and of itself a truly wonderful process, and I know that I will carry the lessons I learned throughout my life. I had never done anything like hypnosis or deep relaxation before, and you made it so easy and unintimidating to learn. You are a remarkable person, and I feel blessed and thankful to have met you.

For the rest of my life, I can look back on my entire experience with joy, and I have you to thank for it.

I was able to stay relaxed during a rapid 1st stage labor

Yvonne Hajdu Cronin Using the “hipbirth method, I was able to stay relaxed during a rapid 1st stage labor and achieve my goal of an un-medicated birth. I was very happy with my birth experience and would highly recommend the program. As an added benefit, listening to the CD, s daily helped me sail through a very stressful time in my life. Now if only there were a “colic” series! Hint, hint, hint…

Using the hipbirth method helped me feel prepared

Lisa Lewis, Altadena, CA The birth of my second child happened much quicker than I anticipated. It actually took me by surprise. Using the hipbirth method helped me feel prepared, confident and excited about the birth of my baby. I wouldn’t do it any other way.

It’s like a “psychic epidural”

Lisa Part, Northridge, CA I wish I would have known about this 4 kids ago! It’s like a “psychic epidural” without all the clinical and chemical nastiness In fact it was quite healing and empowering in many areas of my life. (Not just the birthing experience.) It set the tone for a really much more positive bonding experience with my son. It set the tone for a positive birth experience for my eldest daughter too who was present at the birth.
 Not all “hypnosis” programs are alike!! I compared my experience to those of others and the hipbirth method is exponentially better!!!!!!

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