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Hipbirth The Childbirth Method

Hipbirth is an online self-study course that prepares you for childbirth in the comfort of your home, through the use of audio downloads, video tutorials, guidebooks and so much more.  Our one and only purpose is to help you train your mind and all you have to do to learn is listen.

Regardless of whether you are planning an epidural, C-section, or natural childbirth your positive outcome will be determined by whether you move through your labor and delivery fearlessly. Hipbirth will teach you how to trust your body and follow your instincts, as well as how to activate and elevate your own natural pain relievers to create an empowering birth experience. We never want you to be afraid of the greatest day of your life…and with the hipbirth method, you won’t be!

Because every birth deserves and requires support hipbirth will…
  • Reduce/eliminate fear and pain
  • Build amazing confidence and control
  • Create a completely relaxed labor
  • Faster delivery
  • Reduce the need for tears or episiotomy
  • Feel supported in all childbirth styles

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Inspired by companies like Toms shoes, Hipbirth is ALL about giving back. With each purchase you are contributing to a global community by making an extraordinary impact in the lives of less fortunate woman on the planet. Go to our giving back page to see how your purchase of the Hipbirth Method is making a difference.

Are you inspired to give more? Learn more about the cause. click here to join our partnership with Waves4Water to make a separate donation.