hipbirth childbirth method reduces fear and pain in childbirth

We want to give you the tools to create a positive birth experience.

Welcome to Hipbirth, we support you from pregnancy to delivery. Whether you are planning the use of pain medication, epidural, C-section, VBAC, or natural childbirth, we know that all birthing women deserve the same amount of support for their childbirth style and choices. Hipbirth has been successfully used by thousands of women. It is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use program for the preparation and facilitation of childbirth available.

Inspire yourself with this complete self-study course that delivers on its promise to train your mind with extraordinary skills that can be used with your eyes opened or closed. Hipbirth also encourages movement while still benefiting from a deeply relaxed state of mind. Hipbirth will lead to a reduction/elimination of fear and anxiety, enhance sleep during pregnancy, create a faster delivery, and help reduce/eliminate pain in birth. Hipbirth is a wonderful supplement to any childbirth preparation course you are currently working with. You can only benefit from the added mental boost this program surely provides. Our sole purpose is to develop your mental awareness and increase your ability to stay relaxed in any birthing environment.

elevate your body’s own natural pain reliever and “love drug” endorphins

The Hipbirth Childbirth Method is scientifically based on removal of the stress hormones largely responsible for the pain in childbirth. Learn how to eliminate these stress hormones with your mind and instead, elevate your body’s own natural pain reliever and “love drug” endorphins. With the hipbirth childbirth method  you can expect to build more confidence and comfort during your pregnancy, achieve a more comfortable labor and generally faster delivery.

The Hipbirth Childbirth Method includes a full hour-and-a-half training video that provides additional information on the use of the Hipbirth Childbirth Method. Our program consists of 8 audio downloads, which build on themselves to strengthen your practice and prepare you with confidence for the big day. Also included is a Hip-journal, an instructional manual and Hip-notes, which will enable you and your partner to achieve the highest results in your practice as well as on the day of the birth. In addition, the Hipbirth Childbirth method contains added audio downloads to accompany you during labor, so you are not left behind when support is needed most!

Preparing for your birth with the Hipbirth Childbirth Method will
  • Give you higher levels of energy
  • Enhance comfort and sleep in your pregnancy
  • Minimize pain dramatically during labor and birth
  • Produce a faster and easier delivery

  • 80% of all clients give birth in less than six hours
  • Reduce the need for an episiotomy
  • Create deeper levels of bonding with your baby
  • Help to reduce or eliminate postpartum depression

Put Your Mind At Ease

We know just how to teach you these amazing skills, it’s not magic it’s science and it works!!

It’s Simple…

Listen daily to recorded audio downloads and follow along with simple yet highly effective visualization exercises prepared in an easy to follow program that directs you step by step.

Feel The Difference…

From day one we promise you will feel a noticeable difference in your relaxation levels.

Be Totally Prepared…

By simply following the guided exercises from beginning to end you will be completely prepared for any birthing experience.

Be Fearless…

Reducing stress, elevating endorphins, building confidence and creating positive birth expectations will help to eliminate fear that is responsible for pain in the first place.

Open Your Eyes…
Hipbirth success is not determined by whether your eyes are opened or closed but rather by your state of mind. You make the choice of eyes opened or closed during labor.


Hipbirth promotes movement. We want you to move as long as possible during your labor while still enjoying the benefits of your deeply relaxed state of mind.

Control Your Time…
Hipbirth audio downloads are designed with your busy life in mind, you can control the amount of practice time each and every day.

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