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lori dorman | founder of hipbirth the childbirth method

Lori Dorman is the voice behind the hipbirth method and has worked in the birthing industry for 20 years and is an expert in the field of childbirth. Although her main focus is and has always been serving women in birth, with an unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit she compassionately developed other childbirth related companies, such as her birth doula services, in which she has personally helped over 1000 women give birth. She has had the rare opportunity to explore and create specific proven achievable mental tools in the areas of visualization techniques, meditation and hypnosis, which she now defines as one in the same. The tools, in which she has developed, are proven to benefit every woman in labor.  Lori is a certified hypnotherapist with a specialty in childbirth hypnosis.  Lori’s hypnosis work has been featured on The Learning Channel’s “A Baby Story”, E! Channel, Dr. Drew Show, and has been featured in Fit Pregnancy Magazine.

Lori owned and operated “The Birth Connection” in Los Angeles California, a birth education and doula center.  She also co-founded Earth Mama Angel Baby, a unique company offering natural and organic support products for pregnancy and babies, as well as co-founded “Bellies Babies and Bosoms” a breastfeeding boutique in Los Angeles.

By exploring her creative passion further Lori found a way to express her support for mothers and babies through photography, which has helped in her humanitarian efforts and work in Africa. With a deep commitment to maternal issues she has joined forces with various charities to help other women see their dreams realized.

“Out of all the experiences that I have been brought through, with all of the aspects in birth I have encountered, Hipbirth is the best of all of me that I get to share and give back I now see my story and the journey it lead me on. Each birthing business has been a life lesson. Ultimately it would affect other women’s lives for the better… and that humbles me.”  

Lori Dorman


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